After all these years of missing Bob the Chef’s I finally made it over to the new Jazz spot in town – The Beehive. Opted for dinner there on a Sunday night and just as I suspected, no wait this on this day! I’ve been told by many that Friday and Saturdays are reservations must kind of nights there. I’m sure that’s also because the bands that play those nights are much better and really help set the mood for a great night out. There was no live music while we were there but I was content with the jazz music streaming through the sound system. This allowed for better conversation because I’m sure if there was a band playing there would be much less talking due to volume and just already being entertained.

We took seats at the bar and started with some drinks. I selected the pear martini – so good I had two. Did an appetizer of the hummus, feta, chick peas and rice with pita chips (I forget the name of the actual dish). Had just enough spice to be Southern. On to dinner, the scallops under their raw bar sounded delish but I chickened out due to them being served raw. I instead opted for the pan seared sole. I was definitely satisfied with this choice! The fish was nicely seasoned and not over cooked. Their mashed potatoes were whipped nicely and extremely creaming – a personal favorite of mine. And the spinach even better because had garlic in it! Too full for dessert we just finished the evening with what as left of our cocktails.

Now that I know I’m a fan of the Beehive I’d definitely go back on a more hopping night and take in the music scene part of it. The stage area is very true to its southern roots with décor. And remember to call ahead and make reservations if you truly want a night out at The Beehive. The South End is no so parking friendly but they do offer valet if needed.

Location: 541 Tremont Street, Boston MA


I’ve been told by many people that I must try Fat Cat over in Quincy Center. Yesterday I finally listened to them and dined at the local legend. Truth is I have actually tried to go twice before but the wait was over an hour both times so I had gone else where, please note it was a Friday night both times. This time I opted for lunch time on a Saturday, much better choice!

When we arrived there we were seated right away and most tables were still empty. Since it was past noon we ordered some drinks, their beer list is huge and filled with your typical picks along with some local and unique beers you don’t see to many places. The menu looked amazing but I already knew what I needed to try – lobster mac & cheese! Everyone who told me to go to this hot spot also raved about this mac & cheese. It arrived and was huge! The plate was topped with tomatoes & a nice crisp cheese layer. Looked delicious! And with my first bite I fell in love! Every bite had the right amount of cheese, noodles and lobster. Oh the lobster is also huge chunks, no skimping at this place. I had enough left over to feed me for about 3 more meals, so it’s completely worth its price!

As we were eating we could see the place really fill up. Even though we were coming to and end with our meal and just ordering drinks, there was no rush from our server. I was impressed with this because usually with a small joint that like you’d expect to be rushed out so they could seat more.

So some tips for visiting the Fat Cat, if you go on a hot date night like Friday or Saturday expect to be waiting for your table and grabbing a drink at the bar. They do not take reservations, but call if you have a large party – maybe they’ll take that? If you’re just dying to go like myself, opt for lunch time on a weekend because there was no wait!

Location: 24 Chestnut Street, Quincy MA

Located just outside of Faneuil Hall this Irish Pub is a hidden jem! It has a deceiving facade that would make most people think its tiny and just walk on by. But inside it opens up and there is even a lounge area steps above the main floor thats great for private events. At night they remove the tables and it becomes a dance floor. They have a DJ that spins all kinds of music. Personally, I enjoy the DJ as opposed to the live Irish Band. I find the music the DJ turns out easier to dance too. So if you’re looking for just a fun carefree night out with friends and cheap drinks, this might be your new spot.

It also has amazing food! Stop by for a bite before your night really starts. Their service is top-notch. The staff knows their menu and can really recommend some great dishes. Their nachos are among my top 3 – best I ever had in this city – thats says something! And you can get some cheap pitchers of beer to wash it all down. Why wouldn’t you go here?

Location: 33 Union Street, Boston MA

6B is located at Six Beacon Street not far from the State House. Beacon Hill is an area that I rarely explore but do enjoy. For living in this city for over 9 years I’ve actually never heard of this spot, but could also be that I’ve never walked down that street. Once in the door I found the after work crowd to be mainly young professionals. It is not that far from the theater district area so on weekends I would assume the crowd has more of a variety.  Over all not a family friendly venue.

A friend took me here for drinks and dinner, and I must say I was blown away by their burgers. It actually arrived “Medium” and the special sauce they used was the prefect added touch. For drinks they have a great selection of martinis and the usual beers that everyone loves. The atmosphere is vibrant and the couches in the back are prefect for a party with friends. The host and wait staff were attentive and said they do book parties for the couch area, and reservations for events are free. I highly recommend this place for work cocktails or a party.

Location: 6 Beacon Street, Boston, MA

It’s a battle that still rages on in the North End, who has the better pastries? I will say Mike’s name is definitely more recognized than Modern’s. When I first moved to this city it’s the only place I had heard of in the North End. My mother (a Newton, MA native) quickly corrected me one day while I was raving about Mike’s. To her the best pastries can be found at Modern. She remembers her grandmother always buying Sunday family desserts there, and to this day she only purchases her treats there as well.

Upon hearing this I had to give Modern a try. It’s definitely a smaller space than Mike’s but has a more cozy feel to it and the scene isn’t as chaotic as at Mike’s – plus! I loved how they filled their cannoli fresh on the spot, they have amazing other assorted desserts, and of course the amazing traditional Italian cookies that my mother grew up on.

Obviously to each their own, but I choose Modern Pastry as the winner of this war. Not only is the scene less chaotic and the lines shorter, but the desserts are fresher and more delectable to me. Prices are the same so no one wins there. I will say if you are a tourist visiting the city, don’t just go to one. Try both out! They are each landmarks and deserve a taste test.

Location: Modern Pastry – 257 Hanover Street, Boston MA

Mike’s Pastry – 300 Hanover Street, Boston MA

Tucked away down a random street in West Quincy hides this amazing restaurant with spectacular views of Boston. This is a great spot for a date or if friends from out-of-town are visiting and could use a fab meal and beautiful skylines. So yes its part of a country club but no worries you wont find any snobs here. The staff is accommodating and welcoming. And so are their prices. They have a great variety of fine dining entries and well priced amazing sandwiches. One of my favorite appetizers is their scallops wrapped in bacon – delish!

Along with their views of the city, Granite Links also boosts a stunning golf course that boarders Blue Hills Reservation. 365 degrees of breathtaking views here! And in addition to their amazing Tavern, during the warmer seasons they have a mini bar out by the driving range. It holds a full bar and allows for a more casual relaxed atmosphere for kicking back a drink or two and watching the sunset. You can also order from the bar menu over there which includes all their tasty sandwiches and I highly recommend their potato salad as your side!

With two dining options Granite Links Golf Club Tavern is worth the trip. And hey while you’re out here play a round of golf!

Location: 100 Quarry Hills Drive, Quincy MA

While out with friends this weekend we stumbled cross this hidden jem in the outskirts of the North End. The Waterfront Bar & Grill has a pub like feel but stays true to its North End roots. The decor is fun, sporty and inviting. Tons of flat screen TVs for a not so large place. The random booths are placed in such a way that the pub also feels trendy. The staff was amazing and friendly. You can tell they love their repeat customers and treat everyone with that “I’ve known you for years” kind of personality – which I must stay helps with creating even more repeat customers. Being located only a few blocks from The Garden, and all those TVs help turn this North End spot into a sports bar.

We settled into the bar and ordered a few rounds of drinks – you can get a Guinness pint for $5! Trust me thats good! And they have a full bar. The smell of the food sucked us in and we ordered up some treats. We got a mix of bar food & Italian, aka nachos and pizza. No complaints with either. Nachos were great because there was actually cheese and plenty of sour cream & salsa – oh and black olives, a personal favorite of mine. Pizza was even better, crust was crisp and cheese & seasoning was beyond yummy. Once again wait staff was amazing waitresses always checking in (in a good way not annoying way) to make sure we loved the food and drinks were filled.

The three of us consider this a new hot spot of ours and will continue to go back!

Location: 450 Commercial Street, Boston MA